Shodo, Zen, Qigong (Kikou) and Advanced Yoga Practices: the Ultimate Combination for Universal Shodo

Shimada Saiso has combined for many years shodo, zen and qigong (kikou), with the result that her shodo illuminates and lifts with an energy that is rare.

As far as Zen is concerned, from what I understood Saiso Shimada learned Zen from a Jesuit — from a school founded by Hugo Enomiya-Lassale.

Zen Center

According to some articles, the founder of the place Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle was present and suffered from the Hiroshima atomic bomb in WWII.  After that, he engaged himself in a mission of peace and built a Catholic church “Memorial Cathedral for World Peace” in Hiroshima.

He became later known as a first person who introduced meditation to many Catholics.  Enomiya-Lassalle first built a center for meditation in “Shinmeikutsu” Hiroshima and now as I understand it, it has moved to Tokyo. Due to many notable achievements,  Enomiya-Lassalle became an honorary citizen of Hiroshima.

Practicing in Zen Center



五日市駅からバスで一時間 の山の中に 「 神冥窟 」があり、そこに、 書道 と 禅 の練習をするために、 毎月 一回 、 15年 行っていました。  (  30年以上前になります )

そこは、ドイツ人の神父様 ( 日本名  愛宮牧備  ) が建てられた 禅道場でした。

愛宮神父様は、広島で 原爆に遭い、 後に 日本をもっと理解する為に 禅を 学び、 禅に深く共鳴されて、 禅を世界中に広める ことを熱心に行動されて居られました。

山の中の 禅道場は、時計もなく 、 十字架と共存した場所で、食事 も、 歩行も、 全て禅の修行であり、現代の人間社会とは別の特別な、異る空間でした。

何もない、広い場所で 、唯自分の心と向き合う数日間は、汚れた心を洗い流して、再生の場所でした。

Press for More Info on the Founder Enomiya-Lassalle of “Shinemeikutsu” a Zen Practice



For the last two and half years, Saiso Shimada in Tokyo, along with Nathalie Ishizuka in Singapore, and a formidable raja yoga teacher in Europe (prefers to remain unknown), practices together samyama (stillness in action) co-ordinating their meditations with skype.  Due to this regular practice together Shimada has seen according to her own assessment and her fans, a shift in her work.


Most recently, a book has been published this Fall 2018 celebrating Shimada’s new art in the book of the Philosopher and Poet, Dr. Paul Briot.  This book contains 6 original works of Saiso Shimada and original music created for each of these six works by a very famous musician Nakamura Masaki who fell in love with her paintings and meditated on the text of Dr. Paul Briot’s work Le Rayonnant.

Paul Briot Le Rayonnant, un art vers l'infini

Each of those original songs by Masaki Nakamura for Shimada’s paintings were created in meditation with Nathalie Ishizuka and Saiso Shimada.  They are accessible in a revolutionary new book edition, containing access to the works through your mobile (audio, visual and text) & QR codes written behind each painting.  To get this rare digital audio beautifully designed book you must order the book directly from the Editor as it is a limited edition.  The beautiful colored edition is rare and the paintings are in color.

PRESS HERE TO Order your edition of this Rare Edition before it is sold out (10 euros) French Language

As a result of the recent shift in her own work, Shimada is starting to teach her students Advanced Yoga Practices (Deep Meditation) with shodo.  Together with Nathalie Ishizuka they wish to make deep meditation and shodo available to those in Japan who practice traditional arts and those abroad.


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