Masked Suns


Noble suns move forward masked.  At rare intervals, their veils part, announcing radical changes.  Time, the intermittent revolutionary.




Des soleils prestigieux s’avancent masqués.
A des rares intervalles, leurs voiles s’écartent,
annonces de changements radicaux.  Le temps, ce révolutionnaire intermittent.


Paul Briot, Le rayonnant… un art vers l’Infini… ?, essai, Publisher Caractères, Paris, 2004, 2017



Shodo Artist Shimada Saiso Interpretation of Author,  Dr. Paul Briot


Shaku-Hatchi Artist Masaki Nakamura Interpretation of Author,  Dr. Paul Briot



Published by Caractères, France.  Illustrations by Saiso Shimada.

Founded in 1950 the publisher Caracters has published many reknown writers, poets, mystics, and artists including Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda, Sri Aurobindo, and Pablo Picasso.  The book is available directly from the publisher Caractères, Paris, France.


Beyond Our Best :  Re-inventing Ourselves Silently

Artists (Architects, Opera, Musicians, Dance, Film, Noh, Scientists & Others) Contact Us to Interpret Passage of Dr. Paul Briot’s work in your Field of Expertise.


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